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Floris – Jermyn Street, a new scent inspired by St. James’s

September 30, 2015

FragranceLifestyle | by Harry Seymour


The oldest perfumer in the country, Floris, has launched a new menswear scent inspired by the iconic menswear paradise of Jermyn Street. Floris, holder of the Royal Warrant to provide toiletries to Prince Charles, has operated from the same premises on Jermyn Street for nearly 300 years and is run by the 9th generation of the family.


The new scent draws on notes of gin – reminiscent of the Old Boy’s clubs that occupy the stucco fronted townhouses of St. James’s, including White’s – the only club to remain strictly men-only, apart from when the Queen visited once. White’s was famously the haunt of the dandy Beau Burrell, who used to order his scents from Floris. The scent also has hints of lemon and vetiver, coriander and London Plane – the trees that stand outside the shop front. It is reminiscent of crisp clean cotton – a humble nod to the shirt makers dotted along Jermyn Street. The scent is clean, masculine and elegant. It cleverly references the brand’s heritage as well as the epicentre of well-dressed, well-groomed men in London.

Floris offers a personalised scent making session, where a master-perfumer will help you blend your own signature style, which comes presented in their iconic bottle engraved with your initials. They also keep a record of the recipe in their ledgers, meaning you, or any future generations can re-order it at any time.

Perfect for any modern man who is discerning, the new Floris scent is warm yet refreshing and perfect for the upcoming autumn months.

By Lucy West