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Pick Me Up Fair

March 26, 2012

Arts | by Candid Magazine

Pick Me Up, the UK’s first annual contemporary graphic art fair and festival, celebrating graphic arts in all forms is back; packed full of more creative curiosities than you can shake a stick at (if you wanted to)! Featuring more collectives and cherry picked artists in a colourful array of prints and art.


I was really impressed by the quality of work, and the curation dependent on themes such as East end Gallery Nelly Duff’s ‘Zoo’ – ‘Unleashing a selection of animalistic artworks on the unsuspecting public from the leading figures of the tattoo; street art and illustration world.’ Artists such as Pure Evil , Ruth Collett and Anthony Burill take on art as animals. Watch out for Jessica Albarn’s (sister to Blur’s Damon Albarn) eggs on show!

Print studio Puck from East London set the bar for props with their ‘scrumping’ theme, featuring a tree made out of green balloons with mini toffee apple cakes affixed to it to be handed out with every purchase!  Customers were encouraged to pick their wanted print fresh off the tree. It’s not a well known fact that Puck Studio also feature famous artists such as Comic artists Jock (http://www.4twenty.co.uk/) and Henry Flint (who has his own Wikipedia entry! http://henryflint.wordpress.com/). Puck is run by professional illustrators Babycrow and Robbie Brown Shoes who also sell amazing work! Check out ‘Never Say Die’ by Robbie Brown shoes it will be mine..



Among all the prints, you will find a space dedicated to Peepshow collective’s studio residency ‘Museum of Objects and Origins’ or MOO featuring a collection of artefacts including drawings, sculpture and costumes. Those of which included Chrissie Macdonald’s re-created geometric figures, Andrew Rae’s ‘Tattooed Bones’ and Miles Donovan’s other-worldly landscapes . Peepshow is set to host workshops throughout the Pick Me Up fair including a print workshop this weekend and ‘I did not know that’, an encyclopedia of things we didn’t know with writer and artist Graham Rawle;


“Did you know that Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise; that rabbits can’t vomit; or that Barry Manilow is an anagram of Library Woman?”


Peepshow are inviting the public to provide a fascinating fact via collage, sculpture or on a postcard to the Peepshow archive which will then be collated into a giant online encyclopedia. If that doesn’t sound fun enough for your quirky self then head over to Print Club London who have the whole room covered in specially made screen prints by their members. They also have a screen printing machine you can use to pull a print yourself (with help from a designer) and an almost custom built games arcade for your viewing pleasure.

Check out all the talks and workshop dates onhttp://www.somersethouse.org.uk/visual-arts/pick-me-up-2012 Open now, until 1st April.


Sufiyeh Hadian