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3D Street Art

April 11, 2012

Arts | by Danny & Josh

3D street art is something of an eerie subject to me. I, as an Artist, Writer and general Arts enthusiast have researched an array of subjects. 3D art is something that pops up very often in the ‘now’ art world and it is a subject that cannot be ignored but it is a subject of much scrutiny.



3D street art is absolutely stunning! And it is a raw talent that creates this, but it IS street art, and street art is undeniably ‘accessible’ which according to an abnormally large percent of critics is ‘Low Art’ and thus not worth much more than a peek at, and to add to this, these [often chalk drawings] are more than often ‘disposable’ and thus do not last for more than a glance. But having said that, I cannot note a time that I have looked at an Art work of the 3D street art genre for less than 5 minutes straight! I cannot help but stare into the images and notices the fine artistry that has gone into the creation of these beauty’s and that is exactly what they are, beautiful masterpieces!


There is little on these fabulous artworks and therefore It is a sole judgement from the viewer that holds their stance, so take a look, and judge/admire for yourselves!


Sarah Everest