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Alexandra Moura – Delivering The Wardrobe You Want

October 7, 2018

Fashion | by Ross Pollard

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor Ross Pollard, reviews the Alexandra Moura show from London Fashion Week.

Sometimes you miss a show but this is where your network comes in. While I was freezing outside of a venue, across London one of the hottest menswear collections of the season was debuting in east London and my phone was beeping with you’ll-love-this messages.

Wonderful and wearable

Alexandra Moura has been a fave of this humble fashion editor for a long time. She just gets it. Her collections are a mix of the wonderful and the wearable. It’s everything I love about menswear and a clarion call to how the industry should be thinking about what guys wear.

Alexandra Moura

This season there are touches of wide legs, oversized shirts, jackets and layering. Androgyny appears every so often – the lighter fabrics giving a touch of the Asian-style shorter trouser that’s become a staple, mixed with unfinished edges and textures.

A shifting kaleidoscope

Alongside the block colours are dark hues with embellished patterns that catch the light creating a shifting kaleidoscope that stays in flux as the garments glide past.

Alexandra Moura

As for the print, it’s an eye-catching pop of colour that mixes with the urban palette of checks in an almost concrete grey. The darks of side streets and the deep blues of a city summer sky – I could frame a patch of that and look at it on my wall for a long time.

Alexandra Moura

Alexandra Moura

The perfect look for the endless summer days

The Alexandra Moura collection is from a designer that understands her audience. It isn’t all shouty, over-the-top, look-at-me fashion. This is a collection that any young man can wear with style, panache and confidence. It’s going to create the perfect look for the endless summer days of youth – the fun, the exploration of personality and the finding of one’s self in your most formative constructionist years of self-discovery. It’s the collection to come of age with as a modern fashionable male. What more tribute could I pay it?

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