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Alma de Ace drops hot collection

January 17, 2019

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Alma de Ace, a London based streetwear fashion brand, has released its latest capsule, Capsule  4.

Alma de Ace has been steadily growing its community amongst the London streetwear scene with its three capsule releases and consistent burgundy and teal colour block designs.

It’s now back with its latest drop, Capsule 4, and it’s set to make a real name with Alma’s limited-edition racing and retro colour sweatshirts.

Brings 90s vibes to 2019

Designed by Seb Agace, Capsule 4 injects 90s vibes into 2019 with its exclusive retro designed sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets. Alma de Ace wanted to give something back to its following in this capsule by releasing limited-edition sweatshirts and jackets and spinning popular classic two-tone designs from its previous drops.

Designed to be worn on the streets

Capsule 4 is sourced from traditional Portuguese material, making it the ultimate streetwear for everyday comfortable use.

Alma de Ace is designed to be worn on the streets, in the bars, around the campus or in the office.

Not confined to festivals

Agace doesn’t believe in season drops. The Capsule 4 collection is here to make a statement and according to him: ” 90s-inspired streetwear needn’t be confined to festivals and nights out”. We couldn’t agree more!

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