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Also Shot on iPhone 6 Parody

April 2, 2015

ArtsPhotography | by Danny & Josh

Also Shot on iPhone 6 Parody
To promote the iPhone 6 camera, Apple are running an international advertising campaign exhibiting a typical view of art photography. It features mainly a large amount of wildlife photography and a lifeless attempt at Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment with people aimlessly walking into the distance, throwing leaves or perfectly placing them around the frame in different directions. Clever none the less, it creates an idea that everyone can become a photographer with the iPhone. This more than likely comes after the last Window’s phone campaign pushing that their camera was the best in day, night and for video use however let’s be honest here, which professional photographers are physically using their iPhone for their creations?

Two anonymous advertising cAlso Shot on iPhone 6 Parodyreatives in San Francisco have responded to these advertisements with a few of their own. Scouring the internet for photographs that have been taken with the iPhone 6 they have curated their own ad’s that depict a more ordinary and truthful use of the camera. A series of 6, each sits next to the original, including selfies that are less portraits and more Snapchat images. The pair told Refinery29, “Our thought was that people don’t always take pretty pictures on their phones, so we thought it would be funny to show the other, non-beautiful, photos people take. We both work as creatives in advertising and love to poke fun of our industry whenever it takes itself seriously.”

I don’t feel this series was created to disapprove the original campaign Apple created but more to respond in a more human way. They’re tongue and cheek but also full of life – the original photographers of these selfies probably even took as many as the Apple photographers until they found what they felt was the perfect shot. I even feel there is something intimate to these even if they are the most humorous response we have seen to an advertising campaign in a long time.

We applaud you San Francisco.


Also Shot on iPhone 6 Parody Also Shot on iPhone 6 Parody Also Shot on iPhone 6 Parody Also Shot on iPhone 6 Parody

Danny Keeling, Creative Director