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American Apparel Launches Loop Terry Collection

June 6, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

American Apparel is an iconic Los Angeles fashion-basics brand known for ethically-made styles that are timeless, sexy, fun and colourful. The authentic American Apparel brand celebrates all shapes, sizes and colours and proudly stands for confidence, diversity, equality, freedom of expression, empowerment and body-positivity. Can it get better? Well, according to our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt, it just did, with the Loop Terry collection.

When launching a new collection American Apparel really is targeting the festival audience with these fun colours perfect for that colour pop every festival requires, or why not pop up your everyday look? The flashy, coloured summer basic is here in American Apparel’s signature Loop Terry fabric which is lightweight, soft to the touch, easy to wear and designed for warm-weather lounging. Just by looking at it, you get that urge to either chill or hit a three-day festival.

American Apparel

The latest Loop Terry styles blend a sporty, vintage-inspired design with vibrant colours and stripes. The Loop Terry line includes shorts, t-shirts and a zip-up track jacket with some pieces featuring contrast piping. The range is available in a fun palette of parrot green, lemon yellow and crisp white.

American Apparel

American Apparel shot the Loop Terry campaign in Barbados to showcase the vibe, playful colours and texture of the pieces. Barbados, or some other warm and tropical place, might be ideal for chilling out, but judging by the heat records many parts of Europe have broken lately I think you can wear this whether you’re in Portugal or somewhere close to the Arctic Circle (which at the moment actually is warmer than Portugal, but that’s a topic for another feature).

Check out the Loop Terry campaign on American Apparel’s website.

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