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Artistry/Technology: How Technology Is Affecting Creatives

April 10, 2015

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David Hockney, Artistry/Technology
David Hockney Credit: Tomas Auksas

There is no doubt at all that technology has advanced, changed and in some cases destroyed the way creatives create, develop and present work. The developments of technology in the last few years has brought society into a new world but has it truly given us all such a positive bounty – the art world’s top names discuss creativity and craftsmanship in new Liberatum  film, ‘Artistry/Technology’.

Directed by Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas in a 13 minute docu-film they present us with some of the greatest creative minds of our time responding to the technological revolution in their industries. The visionaries involved include: David Hockney, Francis Ford Coppola, Susan Sarandon, MIA, Marc Quinn, Miranda July, Frank Gehry , Ed Ruscha and Brett Ratner have all revolutionized their industries.

It provides us with insightful opinions and discussion on how our world has changed and how creatives are benefiting and empowering technology to fuel creativity. Some respond with a positive outlook and grasp this technology with both hands such as Hockney. Others like Francis Ford Coppola comment on the obvious we take for granted such as moving image and Marc Quinn finds most interesting the fine line between our physical world and our virtual world.

“The first technology is brushes, pencils, pens, things like that – the technology that you draw with. I got an iPhone and then I found you could draw on it. I’d draw flowers and things, I made about 200 drawings. Then I read about the iPad, so I thought, well the moment the iPad’s out I’ll get that, because drawing on a bigger thing would be better.” – David Hockney

However not all are majorly positive on technology due to the fact we rely on it so much and the addiction we have with it. Susan Sarandon comments on our dysfunctional relationship with the world due to technology and MIA responds with respect to those who have grown up without it.

“Everyone is walking down the street and not paying attention to what’s going on or constantly taking pictures of their food and their lives and not in their food or their lives.” – Susan Sarandon

Co-director Tomas Auksas comments that “It is an exciting time to be an artist” which I believe is true for those adapting to it. Channelling creative vision is complex and the relationship not only the creative industry has with technology but also other industries can be a tricky. The film itself does not give a final conclusion however it does provide an insight of opinions and discussion.

Make your own judgements and watch the full film here:

Danny Keeling, Creative Director