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Barbour SS15 Collection

February 6, 2015

FashionSS15 | by Candid Magazine

Let’s admit it, the British weather has never been so great. The daily struggle as to whether it’s going to be cold, rain, snow or all of the above certainly hasn’t help in the past few months, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon. Now enough of the negativity, never fear though, as Barbour’s new Spring/Summer ’15 collection has got you covered for any climate.

A British brand to the core, Barbour, established 1894 gets better with age as they say. The legendary maker of weatherproof clothing, famous for it’s waxed jackets and countryside attire, Barbour has once again created an excellent collection for the modern man, yet staying true to it’s heritage. The latest range consisting of 6 jackets in a variety of colours, black, beige, olive green and surprisingly a light orange shade. What makes Barbour so fresh and different is their ability to evolve with modernisation. Staying true to the brand, this years jackets are a classic parker style fit, featuring the quintessential waxy outer material and golden/bronze button detailing. However, in this collection features certain jackets with what seems to be a slightly longer length to them, and a more overcoat style rather than a classic zip up. For instance the dark olive overcoat with wax patching on the shoulders. The British brand have adapted their collection to suit all types of gentlemen through all generations which is great to see. Our favourite has to be the dark brown wax jacket with a fish hook print lining. As pictured, the sleeves can be slightly rolled up and fastened in place for a more casual look.

Their philosophy will always be Iconic and authentic, Barbour thrives on the unique values of the British countryside. Quality, durability and fitness for purpose have been the guiding principles for more than 100 years. This year, Barbour’s collection is stylish and functional with clothing that performs in any environment.

Barbour continues to evolve as a lifestyle brand while staying true to its sporting core.

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Martin Tibbott