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Basic Rights SS18 invites you to Marrakech

March 16, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Candid’s Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt has not visited Morocco since he was a young teen, but Basic Rights’ SS18 collection makes him long for a return trip to Marrakech.

In anticipation of the release of their fourth album Combat Sports this month, from the British rock band The Vaccines, their Lead guitarist Freddie Cowan has chosen this date for the UK launch of Basic Rights, the menswear line he devised and launched in NYC back in 2016.

Basic Rights Candid Magazine

There is something glamorous in Marrakech which is incomparable. There is a unique Arabian allure which cannot be duplicated by any other culture. Throughout the centuries, modern jet-setters, global designers and artists have loved the city. It is creatively liberal, boldly opulent and undeniably charming. There is also a sordid history full of Moorish palaces that combine European and Arabian influences. This has influenced Basic Rights SS18 collection and we are thriving in these sun-soaked looks.

Basic Rights Candid Magazine

The label’s foundations are the kind of high-quality wardrobe staples that Steve McQueen might have worn and whose subtle differences are not always apparent until the garments are on the body and the perfection of the cut is revealed.

Basic Rights Candid Magazine

The idea for the brand grew when The Vaccines guitarist, Freddie Cowan found that his wardrobe wasn’t fitting in with his day-to-day lifestyle while recording in New York. He wanted discreet, beautifully-made, easy-to-wear, but ‘make-you-feel-good-about-yourself’ clothes.

Basic Rights Candid Magazine

Serendipity took Freddie to the door of Savile Row veteran David Chambers, who has a pedigree in dressing music icons. With over fifty years spent honing his craft (his apprenticeship on the Row involved two and half years dedicated to perfecting trousers under the tutelage of Fred Astaire’s tailor), Chambers was able to translate Freddie’s vision for essentials tailored to the highest standard, ensuring Basic Rights is anything but basic.

Basic Rights Candid Magazine

Fast forward to 2018. As the band prepares to go on tour to support the new album, Freddie’s wardrobe needs have evolved. Step forward showpieces such as Western Jacket and Long Sleeve Camp Collar shirt, that add a further dimension to the brand.

Basic Rights Candid Magazine

Synonymous with a 70s rock ‘n’ roll spirit that still echoes the walls of the medina today, Marrakech’s amped up vibe is the perfect backdrop for the Basic Right SS18 rock-infused pieces that join the label’s perfected wardrobe staples. The versatility of the brand plays out from day through to night, at least if you are someplace a tad warmer than London.

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