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Beat The Beast From The East With AI Riders On The Storm

March 3, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Beat the big freeze with AI Riders On The Storm.

Ok, take a quick look at the picture below in order not to be scared off by what a fully-zipped Basic Down Jacket from AI Riders on the Storm looks like. Then again, looking like one of the good guys from Star Wars in your everyday life is quite cool. Futuristic, yet stylish, the collection features everything you need to survive your commute to work or school if you’re living in the northern hemisphere. With the freezing weather we are experiencing due to the ‘Polar Vortex’ hitting, everyone in the UK is looking to wrap up warm, whilst people in the US are preparing themselves for the Arctic Oscillation. The big freeze is upon us for sure, so gear up!

AI Riders

AI Riders

AI Riders on the Storm specialise in tech, without compromising design, to produce garments that are designed to insulate you outdoors, no matter the temperature. With celebrities such as David Beckham sporting the look, you can be sure that this trend is going to stick around – perfect for this winter and beyond.

AI Riders

Original and sporty, yet refined, this premium sportswear brand focuses on hi-tech coats with a strong visual impact. Born in 2011 and made for urban humans to face any challenges, AI Riders on the Storm is innovative and the perfect balance between design and functional wear.

AI Riders

The name ‘AI Riders on the Storm’ implies a new concept of life, while the design of the jackets communicate a message of protection; being shell-like, these pieces of design offer protection from the elements of the outside world. 

AI Riders

The brain child of businessman and eclectic designer, Giovanni Chicco, AI Riders on the Storm’s’story of fruition is the true definition of ‘persistence is key’. Having always worked in fashion, Chicco has collaborated with many brands, including Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Fiorucci and K-Way to name a few, and his unlimited creativity has seen him bring to life a number of his own projects, culminating finally in AI’Riders On the Storm. 

AI Riders

Sporty and informal, every piece is functional and ergonomic, thanks to high-quality materials and innovative design details. AI Riders on the Storm offer a product that is made to withstand all types of weather – even outer space, and Chicco has left nothing to chance with his attention to detail. From the built-in removable anti-fog lenses and ski-masks, to ear filters and anti-pollution 3D mesh on the mouth, which allows for partial air filtration. With continued research that goes into finding new techniques to improve performance, AI Riders on the Storm truly places emphasis on being more than just a premium sportswear brand. 

To gear up as a Stormtrooper, check out AI Riders on the Storm and their website, here.

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