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BEAU HOMME AW18 goes DADA on us and supports Men’s Mental Health

April 21, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

You’ve all heard about Dadaism, right? If not, our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt gives you a quick lesson in art history while checking out the AW18 collection from BEAU HOMME inspired by DADA.

Some one hundred years ago, minds joined forces to form the artistic movement known as DADA. These vanguards united forces with intentions of shocking a complacent public through use of the ‘Absurd’. The resulting artworks were a complete renunciation of the guiding logic leading capitalist society forward. Actions were staged and challenging creations made to advance the commonly held perceptions of what ‘reality’ truly was.


The BEAU HOMME A/W18 collection DADA 100: Leave Certainty Behind serves as a centenary commemoration honouring the DADA iconoclasts. The group’s efforts resound with a disarming relevance to the current day. Authentic reality has become muddled through layers of illusionary propaganda. This is an age of confusion, further tangled in a system of ‘alternative facts’.


Truth is revealed through the contemplative and active questioning of conventional behavioural methods. In the reconsideration and reconfiguration of traditional menswear forms, BEAU HOMME acts in conjunction with DADA to rouse individuals out of their compliancy in a ridiculous and humanly unjust state of worldly affair.


BEAU HOMME has created a collection that is easy to love, whether you’re an art history junkie, happen to like an unconventional way of thinking or simply are heavily into vanguard fashion. The brand is based in London and re-imagines conventional menswear standards as dynamic forms are explored by merging together tailoring, sportswear and print. In the reconstruction of the expected, BEAU HOMME offers a broadened scope of personal expression and if you ask me, that’s what fashion is all about.

In the aftermath of the devastating news regarding Avicii’s death on April 20th, I feel obliged to mention that BEAU HOMME have recently collaborated with the really important Men’s Mental Health Charity CALM to create a limited-edition tee-shirt that have just launched online on their shop. Regardless of what the cause of death of Tim Bergling was, in the behind-the-scenes documentary ‘True Stories’ he told about the mental and physical health issues he was battling with. To honor him it is our duty to raise awareness about mental health issues.

C.A.L.M – Campaign Against Miserable Living – is an essential charity dedicated to the prevention of male suicide, which is such a massive cause.  C.A.L.M offers support to men in crisis across the UK, 365 days a year via a helpline, web chat, and website. Western masculinities overwhelming pressures are emotionally restrictive and crippling enough to frequently prove themselves fatal. Feelings are not to be felt, let alone spoken. Men are dissuaded from emotional expression. Sensitivity is often deemed a weakness. Boys don’t cry. Truths are buried deep to fester in culminating layers of shame. Profit–driven commercial interests further provoke feelings of inadequacy in the propagation of a stagnant, restricted trope of accepted male archetypes and behaviour. Let us fight all of this together!

Check out the BEAU HOMME collection on their website.

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Photos: Derrick Santini

Stylist: Becky Seager

HMU: Famida Pathan

Model: Berik @ FIRST