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Billionaire Boys Club EU Launches Exclusive Alpha Industries NASA MA-1 Jacket

March 1, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

As part of the Spring 18 offering, Billionaire Boys Club EU has reissued the classic NASA MA-1 flight jacket design in collaboration with Alpha Industries. The new jacket will be released exclusively at the Billionaire Boys Club flagship store in London and we are dying to get our hands on one. NASA MA-1 Candid Magazine

NASA MA-1 Candid Magazine

The fully-reversible oversized bomber, inspired by the flight jackets of the US Air Force, is realised in the classic BBC Space Camo print and Cyber Orange – a colour originally used to signal rescue personnel in the event of a crash. Featuring NASA and Apollo 13-inspired BBC mission patches, the jacket ties in to the spring collection motto ‘Per Aspera As Astra (Latin for ‘Through Hardship to the Stars’)’.

NASA MA-1 Candid MagazineNASA MA-1 Candid Magazine

The jacket comes with key design features such as the signature ‘remove before flight’ flag, Ottoman-knit cuffs and a left sleeve complete with a utility pocket and Space Camo panel insert. The jacket is made from 100% water repellent Flight Nylon and suitable in temperatures as low as -4 °C, which is perfect for our current weather if one dares to leave the comforts of the indoors.

NASA MA-1 Candid Magazine

Fronting the campaign is the American rapper and musician, Smino. He has been opening act for T-Pain and is one to keep in mind. Let us not forget that Billionaire Boys Club is founded by Pharrell Williams and is a globally-recognised clothing and accessories brand whose blend of streetwear and luxury influences countless pockets of fashion, music, design and culture. Whoever they choose to front a campaign, is who we need to keep our eyes on.

As the company has morphed to continually lead and define fashion, its aspirational motto highlights a brand perpetually focused more on an embrace of originality and self than the direct financial realities of its name: “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.”

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