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Bobby Abley Makes Me Hurtle To Squirtle

January 24, 2019

Fashion | by Ross Pollard

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor Ross Pollard reviews the autumn/winter 2019 Bobbly Abley collection at London Fashion Week Men’s.

One of the boldest designers in fashion, one of the biggest brands in entertainment – it was quite the promising invite. Well dear reader, Bobby Abley not only nailed it, he turbocharged, twelve-inch-steel-nail gunned it once again. His unique view of how fashion should be remains one of the brightest of moments at any London Fashion Week Men’s.

To take something as sacred as Pokémon and play with it is a brave move, but over the seasons Bobby has proved he’s the man for the job. His genius can be found in the way he can weave stunning looks with childish playful notes and stay firmly in the must-have and away from the novelty pastiche.

His mix of street and sportswear makes this a collection that’s so very London. His use of the characters, colours and symbols of the Japanese giant lifts it into the popping and pulsating series of looks that formed this collection.

Bobby Abley

It was a surreal moment; over Christmas I’d been taught about Pokémon by my new friend Yuan Yuan, so I was delighted to be able to show off that I knew who Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu were. Yeah, another of those random bits of information I’ve gathered in my life like a tumble cascade of the useless that in the end turned out to have a purpose!

But don’t be mistaken, this wasn’t all about characters. Many of the looks took the tones of anime and created the bold, bright and brilliant looks that were block colours and prints that made up the rest of the range including an almost-neon but still just-about-candyfloss pinks.

Bobby Abley

Male fashion can quite often be serious and aggressive or sedate and muted. Rarely is it fun. Thanks to Bobby Abley, a cold cold grey London day was warmed with joy, and as for the what you’ll want from the collection, you, to quote the show, ‘have gotta catch them all’.

Bobby Abley

*On a side note Hu Bing has now been replaced as my fav male model. It’s now Pikachu. That yellow critter OWNED the catwalk.

*On a second side note, the scarves were knitted by Bobby Abley’s mum. It’s a real family business.

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