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Boyhood – Behind The Scenes Featurette

July 2, 2014

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia


Boyhood is so much more than a filmmaking experiment, although it actually takes the concept of film production to an unprecedented innovative level. Filmmaker Richard Linklater conceived a story that he chose to tell over the course of twelve years, following his protagonist growing up in real life from child to young adult, filming a bit every year. It’s a fascinating cinematic achievement and probably a gamble that turned out to be an outstanding triumph. After premiering to enthusiastic acclaim of both critics and audiences at the latest Sundance Film Festival back in January and then earning Linklater a best director award at the latest Berlinale back in February, Boyhood is finally coming to UK cinemas next week, on Friday July 11th.

If you need to restore your faith in filmmaking as a form of art Boyhood is the utmost confirmation that cinema has still got a lot to say and can find fresh and surprising ways to say it. Richard Linklater crafts an absolute masterpiece of storytelling and not just for the unprecedented and groundbreaking stylistic choice at the core of his film but most importantly for the sheer brilliance of his thematically pregnant and poignant script that perfectly captures the essence of what it means to grow up. It’s astounding how within the apparent simplicity of its form this story actually bears an extremely rich and dense philosophical reflection on the meaning of life.

To get a taste of this film’s brilliance we have an interesting behind the scenes featurette to share with you and give you an idea of why you can’t miss this film. My full review will be live on Candid’s film page on Monday. Meanwhile enjoy this teaser from Boyhood:

Boyhood is released in UK cinemas on July 11th

Francesco Cerniglia – Film Editor