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British heritage brand, Barbour goes to college

January 20, 2016

Fashion | by Lewis Firth



British, heritage brand, Barbour, will release a new collection tomorrow with a ‘British Country Prep’ vibe. Trademark production techniques and its historical references will still make an appearance. It’s a new move.

Pride, care and respect for sartorial artisanship – think of the wax jackets and the care syphoned into them – has developed Barbour into a globally recognised and leading company over its 100-year lifespan.

Barbour’s heritage gets a collegiate application on jumpers with ‘Bedale’, ‘Beaufort’ and ‘Durham’ placed on the front of letterman sweaters. While fun, British tropes, in the form of insects, are made into repeating motifs and are placed on shirts, sweatshirts, linings and trousers. Check it out.

View the new collection tomorrow when it launches at Barbour.



Words by Lewis Firth