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Brydon Brothers: The Only Belt You’ll Ever Need

February 1, 2016

Fashion | by Mikael Jack

Every year in fashion you have the stand outs, the pieces that really define the season – Burberry’s AW14 monogrammed capes are an example, or however skinny and rock-fuelled Hedi Slimane has decided we should be under our Saint Laurent biker jackets – and then there are the things that we rarely think about, that just tick over year after year, and work every time: a plain white Sunspel T-shirt; your tortoiseshell Wayfarers; and now, a Brydon Brothers belt.

BB_044 ret

Four English brothers – Tom, Jack, Henry and Max – wanted to challenge the offer that was out there. Tired of having to hammer nails through a belt (because who really has a leather hole punch at home?) and things eventually falling apart, the fact that price didn’t usually match quality, and to give the much looked over belt a bit of love, they embarked on their new venture in 2014. Inspired by the brands that do one thing and do it very well, they researched the best techniques, materials and suppliers and eventually came up with what might be the perfect men’s belt.

BB_075 ret

Made from Argentinian leather and solid metal buckles, each of the brand’s five styles uses the premium stretch webbing as the fastening, making them completely adjustable and with a little stretch – the days of loosening to the next notch after a heavy meal are gone – with a tangible quality that reassures you that this thing will be around longer than most of the trousers it holds up. Making them also the perfect gift, the presentation in a vintage wooden box with cloth bag depicts the eagle logo that the brothers adopted from their own family crest.


“The Brydon name represented protection and strength, and was symbolised by with the use of four eagles that were known to keep watch over men of action. Being four brothers, it was natural to revive the eagle with our brand.”

They can’t promise an eagle watching over you, but they can promise your skinnies being held up with the best belt we’ve ever worn behind the Candid fashion desk.

Brydon Brothers belts are available from brydonbrothers.com, all at £55. Enjoy an exclusive 10% off by using code CANDID10 at checkout until February 15th.

Brydon Brothers Belts £55 brydonbrothers.com

Brydon Brothers Henners Close up £55 brydonbrothers.com

Brydon Brothers Jack Gift Bag £55 brydonbrothers.com

Brydon Brothers Dempster Gift Box £55 brydonbrothers.com (1)

Mikael Jack