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Bulmer’s “Live Colourful” Black & White Pop-Up Bar

July 15, 2015

EventsFood & DrinkLifestyle | by Vicky Ilankovan

Bulmers has today opened the world's first completely black and white bar, which has had all colour removed from it, including the furniture, de?cor, the food and even the staff. It's like stepping into a modern day black and white film.The Bulmers #LiveColourful Bar has been created as part of Bulmer’s #LiveColourful campaign and to mark the addition of the new Bulmers Zesty Blood Orange flavour to the brand’s range of ciders.Last week saw opening of the world’s first pop-up black and white bar on Leonard Street near Old Street station. Two storeys were drained of colour, grayscaled to the max by Game of Thrones set designers, with everything from the walls to the staff painted shades of slate, charcoal and concrete. The strict monochrome décor continued with the furnishings, ping pong table, jenga set and bar snacks (mozzarella balls and black olives).

“What was the reason behind this rather peculiar (even by Shoreditch’s standards) pop-up?” we hear you cry. Well, to introduce Bulmers new #LiveColourful campaign of course. The idea was that once all other colours had been expelled from the venue, the four Bulmers editions would pop out, visualising the vibrancy of flavours that the bottles held, and it certainly worked.

As soon as they had walked through the doors, guests were immediately drawn to the bar – more so than usual – with its choice of Pear, Bold Black Cherry, Crushed Red Berries & Lime, and the new Zesty Blood Orange, served by grey but effervescent staff singing and bopping along to a DJ set rammed with contagious 90s and 00s hits.

image002Emma Sherwood-Smith, Head of Cider, from Bulmers said:

“With Bulmers we want to create a twist on the unexpected to surprise and excite people. Stepping into the bar will be like entering a modern day black and white movie, where the colour bursts from the guests and the bottles of Bulmers. It’s a world first and will give guests an amazing and surreal experience.”

The pop-up did just this and, whilst patrons may have struggled for their eyes to adjust to seeing a grey ping pong ball course through the air in front of a grey wall only to land somewhere on a grey floor, they needed to only sip on their Bulmers to feel stably chromatic again and akin to the campaign motto “Live Colourful.”


Vicky Ilankovan ­– Lifestyle Editor