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CANDID Issue 6 Different Strokes

August 28, 2012

FashionOnline Editorial | by Candid Magazine

CANDID Issue 5  Different Strokes Cover Editorial Photographed by Packard Stevens
Photographers assistant: Kirsty Sapsford

Styling: Emma Pulbrook

Hair: Jon Biles using Bumble and Bumble

Make-up: Rebekah Lidstone using Armani

Models: Marc Gee Finch at Boss Models and Holly Bickerton at Models1

Candid Issue 5 cover Candid cover – Marc wears Shoulder Piece by Una Burke and Trousers by James Hock Candid Magazine Cover-707 copy Marc wears Neck Piece by Una Burke and Trousers by Geoffrey Huang Candid Magazine Cover-910 Holly wears Leather Jacket by Sveta Satnikova and Skirt by Goldie Candid Magazine Cover-800 Marc wears Knitted Vest by James Hock and Leather Leggings by Goldie Candid Magazine Cover-787 Marc wears Hooded Top by Claudia Ligari and Leather Leggings by Goldie Candid Magazine Cover-950 Holly wears Jacket by Claudia Ligari, Belt by Haizhen Wang, Bodysuit by Goldie and Clutch by Una Burke Candid Magazine Cover-1001 Holly wears Bodysuit by Pam Hogg, Necklace by Elsa Smith and Earring worn as a ring stylists own Candid Magazine Cover-829 Marc wears Una Burke Belt as Neck Piece and Dress by Simon Ekrelius Candid Magazine Cover-938 Holly wears Top by Claudia Ligari, Bodysuit by Pam Hogg and Leather Cuffs by Emmanuel Katsaros Candid Magazine Cover-1018 Holly wears Top by Danilo Gabrielli, Belt by Una Burke, Trousers by Haizhen Wang and Shoes by Francesca Marotta Candid Magazine Cover-760 Marc wears Coat by James Hock and Bodysuit underneath by Claudia Ligari