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Candid Reviews: Mac & Wild

February 26, 2019

Food & DrinkLifestyle | by Baldwin Ho

Mac & Wild is a restaurant brand that has been doing more to promote Scotland than anyone else since the arrival of Rob Roy. Their restaurants use traceable Scottish meat, game, and seafood, they run haggis-making masterclasses, their online shop sells bonnie spritz Scottish cocktail. So, it was only a matter of time before Candid Magazine went along to discover the Scottish charms of Mac & Wild.

The restaurant in Fitzrovia is extremely cosy; this isn’t the type of place MI5 agents would have secretive meetings. However, it does have a delightful, happening buzz within the confines of the narrow, exposed-brickwork room.

From the words ‘wee plates’ at the start of their menu down to The Highland Mess, this is a highly patriotic affair. The smoked salmon is from Balvenie, whilst the charcuterie board meat have all been imported from Scotland with a curious sounding venison and slow gin salami. I plumped for the venison scotch eggs to start off with and whilst the egg was perfectly gooey and cooked to just the right temperature, the secret ingredients are the black pudding and haggis used in the casing. The flavours inside have increased exponentially as a result, but just don’t ask what goes into making both the haggis and the black pudding.

For the main course, I would say go for the signature dishes. Although you could easily be forgiven for thinking the whole menu is one signature dish after another such is the strong nature of the menu they’ve created. I opted for the venimoo burger and you could easily see why it was voted UK’s best burger: the combination of the beef patty and venison patty gives the burger an added earthiness with hints of acorns, sage, and herbs. Whilst the killer combination of béarnaise & caramelised onions means this is a seriously drool-inducing dish.The seeded bun is slightly grilled to give it extra-crunch and you can add on candied bacon with a £2 supplement.

My guest ordered the venison chateaubriand and it was surprisingly ungamey tasting and there was a distinct, buttery softness to the filet which was packed with umami richness. They cook the meat exactly to your preference and do not offer condescending looks if you demand well-done.
Side dishes are an integral part of the Mac & Wild experience and their mac and cheese is a must-order dish whether you opt for the haggis or the truffle version. It is indulgent, it is supremely cheesy and just what you need to beat away those winter chills.

If you have any space left in your stomach and you have a healthy heart, you might want to tackle their deep fried mars bar sundae.
There are simply not enough Scottish restaurants in London and thankfully we have Mac & Wild that continues to fly the flag.

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