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Celebrate Vegetarian Week Every Week of the Year at OXO Tower Restaurant 

May 20, 2017

LifestyleRestaurants & Bars | by Baldwin Ho

What has been noticeable for this year’s edition of National Vegetarian Week is the lack of coverage on the subject of vegetarianism.

The subject matter is so commonplace these days; we are either vegetarians ourselves or know of someone who is one. At OXO Tower Restaurant, it is a paradise for vegetarian and vegan diners; they have a distinct, separate menu that changes monthly based on seasonal ingredients. With at least ten options on the menu, diners no longer have to opt for the solitary, token vegetarian option.

The food matches fantastic taste with great visual appeal––your dining experience starts before you place the first mouthful of sumptuous food in your mouth. Herb risotto ball, wild garlic peas and almond cream resemble an impressionist masterpiece from Monet. The flavours are punchy in the risotto ball, and there is a lightness from the wild peas and almond cream.

Herb risotto ball

The sweet potato cake is almost overshadowed by the elegant courgette flower covered in a light tempura batter. The kumquat marmalade gives the dish an ideal refreshing kick and glues the various components of the dish together along with Cornish Brie.

Sweet potato cake with courgette flower

The English asparagus, which I suspect might be from Wye Valley, is tender with a healthy crunch. It has a side of goat’s cheese with edible soil, flowers and baby carrots––this is the kind of dish that is a sign from Mother Nature saying Spring has arrived.

Wild mushroom lasagne seemed to be the most popular dish from the menu with endless plates being served to hungry diners. It is served as an open lasagne with the pasta sheets light in an intense yellow colour. The expertly foraged wild mushrooms mixed well with the broad beans and had a much stronger taste than you would expect with the addition of lovage, buttermilk and maple.

Wild mushroom lasagne

OXO Tower Restaurant’s sommelier is most helpful in guiding you along with the best wine pairing. After all, they do have one of the longest wine lists in London with forty-six pages. They have a strong selection of English wines from up-and-coming vineyards like Wiston Estate, Gusbourne and Hattingley Valley––look out for our article on English wines coming soon.

Our wonderful dinner ended with a scintillating gingerbread soufflé, which is relatively large and made for sharing with two people. It was so incredibly light and foamy, the texture resembled more of a marshmallow consistency and it had an elegant hint of pears from the addition of Poire Williams ice cream.

When vegetarian food is of such a high calibre, I would happily celebrate Vegetarian Week every week of the year.