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Celebrating 80 Years of Pour Un Homme

August 5, 2014

FragranceGroomingLifestyle | by Danny & Josh

Before 1934, there wasn’t a fragrance made exclusively for men. If men wanted to smell nice when they went out, they would wear fresh lavender water.

Eighty years ago, The House of Caron released Pour Un Homme, a discrete, unique and unmistakable fragrance made from lavender extract.

Worn by all men alike, from James Dean to Tom Ford and of course not forgetting Hedi Slimane, Saint Laurent Paris’s Creative Director, the simple elegance of lavender is full of poise and refinement.

Caron LE PUH Maccasser Wood Box

The finest lavender oils from the Alps are blended to create this unmistakable fragrance, slightly warmed with hints of vanilla and amber; it really is intoxicating.

To celebrate Pour Un Homme’s 80th anniversary, The House of Caron have created a Limited Edition Collector’s Box. Each bottle is set in deeply engraved silver and topped with a stopper covered in pearl grey shagreen. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, and all are numbered and signed; this really is for the most discerning of fragrance connoisseurs.

Although this fragrance is the original men’s fragrance, created from the finest lavender and having been on the shelves for 80 years, I can’t help think that there is something missing. This perhaps is not something that will appeal to everyone, or that everyone will be able to pull off. Even so, it could be worth stepping out of your comfort zone this once just to give it a try.

The Limited Edition Collector’s Box priced at £1,000 is available from Fortnum and Mason.

The 75ml Eau De Toilette priced at £48 is available from Harrods.


Joshua White