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Chay Snowdon – Mon Cheri

January 25, 2019

Music | by Candid Magazine

Anyone who has had their finger on the pulse of up-and-coming indie artists of recent will be familiar with Chay Snowdon. The Bristol-based band have already been making waves in the independent music scene with sold out shows, airplay and sharing the stage with the likes of Reverend and The Makers, The Sherlocks and Jesus and The Mary Chain.

Chay Snowdon

Chay Snowdon seem to be fully firing again with their latest double-track release Mon Cheri. The single is a tale of two halves, the first being Mon Cheri – a fast paced, indie-rock romp that’s a kick-start thrill of a ride from start to finish.

Speaking about the track singer Chay Snowdon urges listeners to step away from the daily grind, if only for a moment: “Listen up to the lyrics of Mon Cheri and be transported to wherever the hell you want.” Jam-packed with pulsating guitar riffs, crashing drum beats and explosive vocals, the song is a high-paced and high-volume banger that beckons to heard live.

Chay Snowdon

Whilst Mon Cheri packs the punch, the other half Sha La La exposes a more delicate and graceful side to their sound. The ballad-style track effortlessly blends crooning vocals and gentle instrumentation, while the lyrics tell a tale of living fully in the moment (Sha la la you take my hand / Sha la la you ask me to dance / Sha la la you get up on that table / Is that table big enough for two? / I’m impressed by the things that you do / I’m inspired by you.)

Mon Cheri is a nicely balanced double-track record and shows that this hotly-tipped band have many strings to their musical bow. So, whether its head banging in your skinny jeans or tune humming in the local supermarket, this latest offering from Chay Snowdon will, no doubt, have you doing both.

Chay Snowdon

Mon Cheri and Sha La La are available from the 25th of January (click the links to listen on Spotify) and stay tuned to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for 2019 live show announcements.

Words by Dean Robinson

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