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Chester Barrie SS15

November 26, 2014

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

001Chester Barrie is known for being the ‘tailors of the unexpected’, while still keeping true to the essence of Savile Row. Having been established in the 1930s, the brand seeks perfection with their attention to detail while never compromising on quality, which is important for a bespoke house such as Chester Barrie. They have made tailoring contemporary and modern with a touch of nostalgia as seen in their statement pieces that cater to the stylish fashion forward gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life

For their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection, they have taken a lighter, more summery approach, taking inspirations from resort dressing. Bringing the silhouettes of the 30s while mixing it up by infusing some 60s and 70s styling in a rich mix of colours of teal, yellow, French navy and whites, Chester Barrie’s new collection has a more relaxed vibe that make you just want to chill and party all day on the Riviera.

Even with a more relaxed attitude, one thing stays the same and that would be the brand’s focus on immaculate tailoring and craftsmanship that sculpts and flatters the man. Perfect for the modern man with a softer side, this collection is for when he seeks a more relaxed form of dressing up.

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Ievan Darwin