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Back To Basics With Chevignon SS18

May 31, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

When you say back to basics, it might sound dull and even unimaginative. Candid’s Thomas Falkenstedt doubts Chevignon had this in mind when naming their season four collection just that, but figures it is about getting back to both their roots and embracing the best of every era of the label’s history so far. The collection features some truly iconic pieces.

Drawing on both its history and its archives, Chevignon is taking a number of male wardrobe essentials this season and offering its own take on them. Its iconic pieces reflect the latest trends and are designed to appeal to a man whose style incorporates elements of both distinction and indifference. This is characteristic for Chevignon and I find it very appealing in its subtle, yet smart design.


Take this Teddy-styled baseball jacket for example. Depending on what you combine it with, it can be an ever-so-elegant colour pop to your monochrome wardrobe, or a perky addition to a casual street style. Whichever of the mentioned styles you favour, there is something for all in this collection.


It is about a man immersed in 90s street culture who accepts the impudence he has inherited from the Teddy-wearing American students that have inspired him and is at ease with modern minimalism. The retro vibe has a contemporary take however, and doesn’t make you wish the 90s never happened – unlike some pieces we never wish to see again. This is the updated version that we cherish.


When it comes to the imagery, the idea of travel is omnipresent – throughout the brand’s history, and the Chevignon guy is once again to be found to have strayed far from his roots. He is as at ease in this raw, outmoded environment with its element of poetic hostility, as he is in the city that is his playground. It highlights an intentional contrast between the minimalist styles of a collection, of reinvented essentials and the non-conformist spirit of those who wear them.

If you want to become a Chevignon chap yourself, have a look at their website.

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