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Chotto Matte review

September 5, 2014

LifestyleRestaurants & Bars | by Vicky Ilankovan

Chotto Matte Soho London Robata grillLocated on Soho’s bustling Frith Street, is the attention-grabbing, design-conscious restaurant, Chotto Matte, which attempts to fuse Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

Standing tall, the bold black and glass building has a somewhat New York vibe, with a lively cocktail bar downstairs which seems perfect for an after work or pre dinner drink. The walls are covered in street art style paintings and the whole building is dimly lit, making it seem more like a club than a restaurant.

The food is served tapas style, and we were advised to choose 3-4 dishes per person. First up was the Scallop truffle ceviche, an explosion of different colours, which like everything we would be served, looked visually stunning. The scallop itself was beautiful and all-in-all one of our favourite dishes from the whole evening; unfortunately the over-zestiness coupled with the already naturally strong truffle flavor made it overpowering and slightly uncomfortable to eat.

ImagesThe sashimi that followed was simple of flavor yet elegantly presented; we would have been quite happy to eat it all night. However, the dishes following the sashimi, were unfortunately all disappointing. The Peruvian Chargrilled Chicken came seasoned with chili and coriander yet the balance of flavours was off and left a bitter aftertaste, even though the chicken was cooked to perfection.

The Salmón Nipón was again cooked wonderfully but was again ruined by too much sauce and enough salt to season the entire Atlantic Ocean. We were left unable to eat a lot of the dishes because of the unbalanced flavours and the overpowering citrus in every single dish. By the time our final dish arrived, (Monk Fish) we had given up on expecting anything but a citrus bitterness, and unsurprisingly we were vindicated in our assumption.

Dessert sounded safer. We opted for the Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondant (with saltless caramel) and the Pettit Four – a selection of different ganaches, macaroons and compotes. Both were tasty, but nothing worth shouting about.

Chotto_Matte_Casual_06We were sad to discover that this intriguing building in the heart of Soho, which so many people walking by – including ourselves – stop to investigate, was all looks and no substance.

Saying that, if you do find yourself in Soho, you are not a discerning foodie but instead someone looking for an impressive, sexy-looking venue to have a drink in after work, Chotto Matte is not to be discounted. However, if you are looking for a menu that titillates the palate, it may be best to avoid it.


Joshua White – Editor-in-Chief