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Christmas with Jack Daniel’s

November 24, 2014

Lifestyle | by Danny & Josh


Christmas – the time of year that revolves around eating too much and falling asleep in front of the fire far too early.

Festive traditions are different for every family, it may be as silly as all going for a walk or gag presents in the stockings.

For me, the day begins in front of the fire opening presents, followed by a champagne breakfast and the eating doesn’t stop there!

By around mid-day the rest of the family turns up and we sit to have Christmas together. Carefully positioning ourselves away from the family members we would perhaps prefer not to spend too much time with! Every year my family organises who sits where, and every year I switch the names to make for a more amusing experience, unlucky granddad!

Jack Daniel’s does Christmas a little differently, instead of a traditional ‘tree’ theirs consists for 140 barrels and stands 26ft tall but it always brings people together, just as Christmas should.

The Jack Daniel’s tree may be untraditional but its tradition for them. What do you do that perhaps isn’t traditional but is traditional? Jack Daniel’s would love to know about it.

What’s your tradition? Share it with Jack Daniel’s – http://traditions.jackdaniels.com/agegate

Celebrate Joyfully. Drink Responsibly.

Sponsored post from Jack Daniel’s