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Retro? – Go, FIDO? – Go, Guidance? – Go, Raeburn? Gooooo

June 28, 2018

Fashion | by Ross Pollard

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard takes us through the spring/summer 2019 collection from London Fashion Week Men’s stalwart, Christopher Raeburn.

Apologies for co-opting the final checks before the moon landing for a title but it’s somewhat fitting as the Christopher Raeburn SS19 collection used NASA imagery in the prints we saw at LFWM. Raeburn himself is something of the Apollo 11 of the fashion industry as well. He’s leading the way for a generation to land on sustainable fashion as an everyday event.

Christopher Raeburn

Steeped in the desire to change the industry and change its boundaries, Raeburn has been pushing ahead with his Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy. We were once again treated to a collection that represents the future, that doing the right thing doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

And style we got with the force of a Gemini rocket. Block colours of red, black, white and grey mixed with the prints from NASA of our planet’s receding glaciers and ice caps. The recycled and reduced came in the fabrics and accessories – textiles created out of organic cottons and remade polyester, taking waste products and giving them new life. The re-use in the Timberland notes that were sourced from flea markets and vintage shops breathing new life into garments created thirty years ago.

Raeburn’s great skill is to elevate all the scraps, strands and pieces into something collectively modern and wearable. No concession is made in the looks, no trade-off of style in the tailoring of the materials. The great challenge of sustainable has been conquered, you don’t buy these looks because they are good for the planet, you buy them because they are beautiful and wearable. It’s the pinnacle of the look-good do-good philosophy.

Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn has resolved the issue of desirable ethical fashion but created a new one. With his collections, season after season, he’s proved that it can be done, so there can be no excuses for others.

Photography – Chris Yates, Grooming – Michelle Webb on behalf of AOFM Pro, Hair – Brendon O’Sullivan,

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