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Christopher Shannon AW15

January 11, 2015

FashionLondon Collections: Men | by Mikael Jack

Mid-January can be a depressing time – cold, wet, a long way from the next bank holiday, and your bank account’s hangover from a festive over-indulgence. For that reason, the humour of Christopher Shannon’s AW15 show resonated with the audience. Models wore knitwear with recognisable imagery: a can of ‘Broke’; a bag with the words ‘save me’ where the Tesco Value logo was missing; and another with a bag that told us ‘thanks 4 nothing’. Plastic bags were also covering the models faces (don’t try this at home, kids!) which made sense of what Shannon’s recent poly bag heavy Instagram posts have been about!
Whether in reference to him as a young designer, the country, or something else, the wit didn’t detract from a truly accomplished collection. A matured take on his favourite Nineties sportswear influences sat alongside more classic menswear pieces. Shorts, sweats and sheer joggers were dark while popper fastening tracksuits in red, black and blue mirrored the carrier bags’ stripes. Every look was styled with custom steel toed Caterpillar boots that made the Nineties feel stronger. Padded jackets were cinched in with elastic zipped corsets, and what at first appeared to be peplums were actually the waistbands of baggy boxer shorts – carrying on from that teen angst trend of his SS15 show.
A jogger/trouser hybrid was paired with classic (but oversized) plain and striped shirts that were sporadically patched with the colour highlights of the collection. Accessories, other than the Sainsbury’s bag masks, were in the form of custom jewellery by show stylist Judy Blame made from more bags and trash, and Shannon’s take on the It bag of a new homeowner’s Sunday – the blue IKEA bag. The nylon bags’ logo tape handles were replaced with the Christopher Shannon logo, with the tape featuring on sweatshirts and tracksuits too, and while I have at least 10 of those blue bags under the sink I still want one of his. That’ll be why I’m broke, Christopher.
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Mikael Jack