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Up Your Kicks Game With CLAE SS18

March 2, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Candid’s Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt explores the footwear from the CLAE SS18 collection.

As fashion editor it strikes me how dull my collection of shoes is. I don’t even care to count the exact amount of sneakers I own, but we are close to a hundred pairs and there is one common denominator, apart from the fact that they are all sneakers: they are all white. While the ‘Beast from the East’ has been tormenting most of Europe the past few days, it is exciting that CLAE announced their newest drop from their CLAE SS18 collection featuring colours which could take even me out of my comfort zone and make me long for bearable temperatures.

CLAE SS18 Candid Magazine

With clear inspiration from Los Angeles – a mecca for modernist architecture, the brand’s newest offering incorporates concrete, curved walls and squared buildings intertwined with endless sandy beaches to deliver the definitive ode to LA’s amalgamation of exploration.

CLAE SS18 Candid Magazine

In 2018, CLAE introduces a string of seasonal iterations to the classic Bradley and Bradley Mid as well as introducing the Bradley Velcro, for the first time. All Bradley styles resonate perfectly alongside the LA backdrop with the latest offering incorporating shades of light tan and peach on a perforated suede upper. Light khaki, pink and chestnut are then available in a sumptuous smooth leather. Sometimes referred to as ‘millennial pink’, this colour in particular is high up on the wish list.

CLAE SS18 Candid MagazineMaintaining the refined aesthetic of the iconic Bradley silhouette with expertly crafted leathers and neoprene details, the Bradley Velcro makes its debut with three beautifully understated leather straps. They deliver a simple fusion of style and practicality and also brings back some childhood nostalgia, when the task of tying shoelaces was a hopeless utopia only adults were able to perfect.

CLAE SS18 Candid MagazineAll CLAE styles and silhouettes featured in the spring 2018 collection are crafted using the expected meticulous attention to detail associated with CLAE, and stay true to their West Coast roots. CLAE SS18 Candid MagazineCheck out the new drops on the CLAE website, here.

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