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May 4, 2016

FashionOnline Editorial | by Candid Magazine

Corridor photographed by Audrey Bieber

Styled by Séna Aurélia

Makeup by Odile Jimenez

Hair by Corine Cappelli

Post Production by Princess Arina

Model: Raphael Say

Location: Splendor Hotel Paris

Corridor 1

Shirt by Ballorin, trousers by The Kooples, braces by Tania Zekkout, ring by On Aura Tout Vu

Corridor 2

Vest by Majestic Filatures, trousers by Arthur Avellano, headpiece by Augustin Teboul

Corridor 3

Jacket by Bruno Saint-Hilaire, corset by Absainte Paris, jumpsuit by Maison Close, boxers by Calvin Klein, jewellery by On Aura Tout Vu

Corridor 4

Jacket by The Kooples, shirt by Garçon Infidèles, harness by Absainte Paris, leggings by Dim, earring by Viveka Bergström, cuffs by Maison Close

Corridor 5

Jacket by Drycleanonly, shorts by Paul&Joe, earring by Viveka Bergström, ring and bracelets by On Aura Tout Vu

Corridor 6

Shirt by Black Mojito, leggings by Vannina Vesperini, bunny ears by Fleet Ilya for Mise en Cage

Corridor 7

Swim cap by Arena at GoSport, eye accessory by On Aura Tout Vu

Corridor 8

Shirt by Levi’s, jumpsuit by Belair, swim cap by Arena at GoSport, cuffs by Absainte Paris, socks by Falke, sandals by Texto