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One Step Further With CP Company SS18

May 4, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

CP Company SS18 takes the fundamental ideas of tradition, innovation and performance one step further with a whole series of new fabrics, shapes and constructions. Candid’s Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, guides you through the jungle of terminology.

The CP Company SS18 collection is the culmination of more than forty years of evolution, and at the same time a new starting point in the history of sportswear. CP Company are using new techniques such as sewn by sound and lasered tailoring. Confused? Don’t be. These pieces take ultrasonic welding to a new level. With re-colour, a second layer of colour is added to the finished garment, enhancing the depth and brilliance of the final colour. The variations due to pressure and the artisan approach mean that each print is different, and therefore numbered.

CP Company

The 50.3 Goggle Jacket is the most obvious example of how the brand heritage and its innovative energy have been used to create performance-driven garments. The outer fabric looks, in fact, the same as the original ‘Mille Miglia’ Goggle Jackets from the mid-Eighties, but it has now been evolved into a performance-driven, three-layer jacket with a waterproof membrane.

CP Company

The Nyfoil Goggle Jacket is the most extreme and introduces many new innovations and details which are carried through the collection. This ultra-light nylon with its silver coloured foil coating disperses body heat evenly, thus enhancing the wearer’s general well-being. After the garment dyeing process which both slightly tints the foil and produces metallic hues externally, the fabric looks uniquely CP Company. Nyfoil has been used for a whole range of other garments, from oversized parkas to packable weatherproof shells.

CP Company

The new Nycra Goggle Jacket introduces both a style heavily influenced by active sports and the fabric that has come to be synonymous with CP Company during recent years. Nycra is a garment-dyed nylon continuing the tradition of garment dyeing synthetic fabrics, first pioneered by CP Company, and the innovative use of lycra and waterproof finishing provides all the performance necessary. It is extensively used in the collection, from classics MA-1 silhouettes to fitted shells and mid-season parkas.

CP Company

New shapes features a new look at volumes for shoulder pieces, sweaters and T-shirts, inspired by the very first shapes used in sportswear by CP Company. The collection features two fishtail parkas cut with their original volume, and intended as coveralls, but the same idea of volume has been applied to a group of sweatshirts and T-shirts, applied to the shoulders and where the sleeve line falls. The look is totally contemporary but with a clear reference to how sportswear started.

To get your hands on the new collection, head over to CP Company’s website.

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