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Designer: Rebecca Ellis Onyett

June 13, 2013

FashionLondon | by Danny & Josh



The world of jewellery design is one that bursts with creativity, newness and innovation. Add wonderful craftsmanship to this blend and the result is often a breath-taking piece of wearable art. However, standing out from the crowd can be particularly difficult, as when surrounded by a range of equally innovative pieces it can hard for a designer to make an impression.

Jewellery designer Rebecca Ellis Onyett is one who has made a notable mark on the jewellery scene. Using unique inspirations and her belief that jewellery does not have to fit a perfect mould, she has formed pieces whose aesthetic appeal is their beautiful and sometimes raw imperfection.




The inspired and indulgent world the jewellery designer has created through her visually stimulating pieces is one that is whimsical in nature and inspired by a fascination of wildlife (seen particularly through her insect series, which includes ‘Ant Trail’ hoop earrings). Growing up in the British countryside Onyett bloomed an interest for the natural qualities in life and expresses through her pieces the allure of the captivating countryside, which blossomed all around her.

The young designer, whose pieces echo poetic and romantic themes, displays her jewellery as organically raw and as naturally occurring as nature itself. Each piece is said to reflect the designer’s feelings on what jewellery should look like and mimics the surface of the skin. There is a great essence of life flowing through this collection and a spirit of childlike wonder captured in pieces that become a part of their wearer.




Onyett’s wondrous surrealism results in striking and quirky pieces that are individually fascinating (most notably a ring inspired by the growth of fungus). Other pieces have been inspired by poets such as Carole Ann Duffy and the story of King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold. It is these inspirations that make for an innovative and striking style. The London based designer’s ability to capture her inspirations and imaginings in a vivid and tangible way is what makes for sculptured statement pieces that leave a lasting effect.


Naomi Nightingale