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Desperados – Next Level Party

October 17, 2014

EventsLifestyle | by Candid Magazine

Desperados: Taking Parties To The Next Level

Last week London’s iconic Bussey Building was taken over by Desperados for their Next Level Party, curated by Mike Skinner.

Set over a series of different floors with secret rooms and doors full of surprises and challenges, it really was a party like no other. Partiers had a night of exploration and discovery with a party that really twisted their perception of time. It was a party like no other, bringing elements from different party scenes around the world all into one place in London.

As well as Mike Skinner other artists that preformed included, Stanton Warriors, Preditah, Oxide & Neutrino and Mumdance.

Mike Skinner, who has been busy directing for Dr Martens and starting up his own nightclub in Dalston said, ‘It’s great to be a part of something like this. I love what Desperados did, manipulating time and space to create something unique and original; let’s take it to the next level.’

Desperados: Taking Parties To The Next Level

Speaking about the event David Lette, Brand Director, Desperados said, ‘We believe that a better party is a different party. Challenging the ordinary is of paramount importance when we bring new party experiences to people. Location and environment is key, which is why the ‘Next Level’ party at the iconic Bussey Building was totally different to anything guests will have experienced before.’

Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to see more and more events like this from Desperados taking place across not just London but the rest of the UK. They seem to be really able to show party goers what it’s really like to party on another level.

For more information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Desperados