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Doughnut Time

September 18, 2017

Food & DrinkLifestyle | by Sophie Exton

Iconic Australian doughnut makers: Doughnut Time are launching in the UK next month and we were lucky enough to test some of their new flavours.

Doughnut Time kindly sent over a box of six mouth-watering delicious doughnuts. – and we were more than happy to sample each doughnut: the red velvet ‘Sia Later’, the oozing with nutella ‘Love at First Sight’, the toffee covered, custard-filled ‘Creme de la Creme’, the pink glazed, candy covered, sugar-heaven ‘Go Shawty’, the slightly healthier ‘Matcha Made in Heaven’ and another chocolate delight, ‘Rough Around The Edges’.

Doughnut Time's 'Flaky AF'
Doughnut Time’s ‘Flaky AF’

The office was divided on which were the favourites. Our top picks included the (slightly) less sweet offering – ‘Matcha Made in Heaven’, closely followed by the rich in flavour ‘Creme de la Creme’. The ‘Go Shawty’ received mixed reviews; too sugary for some but heaven in a doughnut for those with a sweet tooth. The only adjustment we’d make would be to the Red Velvet doughnut; where we’d love to taste a stronger cream cheese frosting.

Only two years ago Doughnut Time was operating from a tiny hole-in-the-wall store in Brisbane. Founded by hospitality entrepreneur Damian Griffiths in 2015, Doughnut Time has rapidly become a real Australian success story, and a benchmark for how a simple concept can capture the imagination of the public.

Doughnut Time's 'Melon Degeneres'
Doughnut Time’s ‘Melon Degeneres’

Doughnut Time is known for its tongue-in-cheek creations and has developed a cult following over in Oz. And after tasting the above, we understand why. Slightly larger in size than your usual doughnut (always good) and with far more original and creative ingredients than others; you’re guaranteed to go back for more.

You’ll have to wait until October to visit the new store in London; however you might spot a certain Doughnut Time taxi rolling around London during London Fashion. Doughnut Time is celebrating London Fashion Week by creating a range of doughnuts that pay homage to three legendary queens of the catwalk – Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne. If you spot the taxi, make sure you try the three Catwalk Legends doughnuts. 

Doughnut Time's 'Pump Up The Jam'
Doughnut Time’s ‘Pump Up The Jam’

The candy-covered ‘Kate Floss’ is glazed with pink icing, topped with candy floss and finished with a signature edible cigarette, while the sweet and tasty ‘Cara-mel Delevingne’ is decorated with a caramel glaze, black ‘eyebrow’ drizzle, gold leaf and gold sugar pearls. Completing the set is the ‘Naomi Crumble’, which has an apple-flavoured leopard-print glaze and is topped with biscuit crumble and a sugar paper mobile phone. 

The doughnuts didn’t last very long in this office, but the sugar high did. So while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend eating the most-part of the six doughnuts in one go; we do advise that you go to and try a few as soon as the London store opens.

Doughnut Time will officially be opening the doors to it’s first UK shop in Shaftesbury Avenue next month.

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