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Dr Martens SS15 #StandForSomething

February 17, 2015

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

For Spring 2015, Dr. Martens have launched a campaign that celebrates the free-thinking people who have been living their lives in their famous footwear, whether that has been since 1960 or 19 days ago, asking them, “what do you stand for?” As a recent Dr. Martens convert, I have been left questioning what took me so long. Putting my classic 1460 boots on this morning, I instantly felt smarter, taller and stronger; I felt ready to take on anything, even if that anything was just a bit of drizzle and a Tube ride. For me, they’re an extension of my style. For others, Dr. Marten’s are their uniform, a passing fashion statement, a necessity, a status symbol – or anything in between for that matter.

This isn’t news to Dr. Martens who are well aware that the wearers of their air-cushioned soles bring the shoes and boots to life, 16 of whom are the stars of the SS15 launch. To each of those 16 men and women, Dr. Martens are worn with pride and stand for something. From a sales assistant and a store manager to a DJ and up-and-coming band The Arrows of Love, British photographer James Pearson-Howes has captured these people in their own environment, giving an insight into their personal lives and styles. Colourful characters and energetic filming shows the diversity that the Doc Marten wearers have, and the adventures that they take them on. It’s a reminder to those who have been loyal to the brand for as long as they care to remember what those adventures may have been, or how their Docs make them feel. Others who have never owned a pair might be left wondering what all the fuss is about. I’ll leave them wondering tomorrow morning as I stride past on my Bouncing Soles.





Mikael Jack