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Inside Down And Upside Out With Drifters LDN

April 18, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Drifters LDN challenge our way of looking at life itself through fashion. On a journey to discover himself, our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt looks into their AW18 collection.

Being a spokeslabel for urban fashion, Drifters LDN take their mission seriously and go deep into personal growth through fashion. The AW18 collection, Inside Down, Upside Out, came from seeing a placket on a sleeve and becoming fascinated with things being the wrong way around.

Drifters Ldn

Our culture these days almost thrives on and encourages people doing the wrong thing. In order to embrace this view of our culture, the exploration of features that are still attractive after they had been turned the wrong way around is the focus of AW18.

Drifters Ldn

Drifters LDN is all about exploration with the idea that life is constantly changing. As people, we grow and change and with that, style changes. It is a beautiful thought and that is what makes Drifters LDN so exciting. You never know what to expect, but you know you never end up disappointed.

Drifters Ldn

Drifters loves culture and ethnicity and seek to be able to share their views through design. They always show us something new when they release a collection, while always giving us strong and explorative design and pieces that you can mix up and layer to express your own view on culture and ethnicity.

Drifters Ldn

Even the pictures for the collection express the core of what Drifters LDN want to express, that is, by exploring the beauty of culture and life with the sole idea that there is beauty in everything. By doing this they seek to break societal boundaries through freedom of expression, colour and design, and what better way to do so than placing your model on a public restroom sink?

See the collection on Drifter Ldn’s website.

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