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DVD review: 10 Years

April 8, 2013

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia

Still 1 - 10 Years

Channing Tatum’s star has been on the rise ever since his leading role in 2006’s box office hit Step Up and the hilarious She’s the Man but it’s in more recent years that he has been catapulted into the Hollywood big league with such films as Magic Mike, G.I Joe and next year’s sure-fire blockbuster Jupiter Ascending opposite Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne. 10 Years, which Tatum also produced within his own company, Iron Horse is a feel-good, entertaining story about a group of friends attending their ten year high-school reunion.

Tatum is Jake, the all round ‘good guy’ who, along with his girl-friend (real-life wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and friends attend, albeit apprehensively a party to celebrate the great mile-stone of being out of school for an entire decade. A mix of characters, including Culley (played by Chris Pratt), who was and still is, the class joker and all-round bully, his wife, long-suffering Sam (played by Ari Graynor), single and desperate Marty (Justin Long) and Jake’s old-flame Mary (Rosario Dawson) all come together for an evening of drinking and reminiscing about times past, though events quickly escalate and it soon becomes apparent that in ten years, not so much has changed.

Director, Jamie Linden has stated that he drew on his own experiences of attending a high-school reunion as inspiration when creating 10 years and it shows. The film is very true to ‘real-life’ or what us, as viewers might expect from the same scenario should we be in it someday (or may have been already). There’s a continuous sense of nostalgia which is always pleasant whilst at the same time we can feel the nerves and stressful moments the characters have. There aren’t really any explosive moments either, rather just a group of people acting stupidly or romantically, faced with those impossible questions we are forced to face when we realise we aren’t eighteen anymore.

Still 4 - 10 Years

Tatum and Dewan-Tatum who met on the set of Step-Up have an obvious chemistry that works well here and on screen ex-girlfriend Rosario Dawson does a great job of coming but not actually coming between them. 10 Years really has a very impressive cast with a series of talented actors that ensure this is not just a weak addition to their CV’s. Granted, it’s not the best film I’ve ever seen in my life and it certainly aint Romy and Michelle but if you’re in the mood for something relatively funny and mild, with some lovely bits of eye-candy then give it a shot.

Samuel Sims

10 Years is out on DVD now.