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DVD Review: Cabin in the Woods

September 24, 2012

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia

As a comedy-horror film Cabin in the Wood sounds like a ‘B’ movie and for the most part lifts a lot of elements from it and then satirising everything it can. Starting with the main characters we have your basic rag-tag group of monster fodder (I won’t reveal what monster as I believe the less you know about this film, the better the experience) or so it appears…  Chris Hemsworth you would believe leads the charge but this was filmed pre-Thor and he is therefore fairly under-utilized yet makes a show of it as Curt.  Our main focus is on Kristen Connoly’s character Dana, whom we are first introduced to as she innocently dances in her underwear whilst crooning over her ex-boyfriend/teacher. Dana is very likeable; she’s funny, pretty and smart and is counter-pointed by her affectionate friend Marty. Marty (Fran Kranz) smokes weed and is a conspiracy theorist, garnering enough sympathy for the audience to like him and cheer him on.  Then we have the nerd Holden played by Jesse Williams and Curt’s girlfriend Jules played by Anna ‘Yellow Power Ranger’ Hutchinson. Though these are our main characters their exposition is delivered swiftly but paced well for you to digest it amidst the screaming and laughing.

As for the plot, we are told that the Cabin belongs to Curt’s cousin and as the teens head off there, two agents watch from their secret base. The comedic duo is where the source of the comedy comes from. Throughout the film the agents talk like best friends and mock the film as they go along, making sure you don’t take them or the film seriously until the very end. The humour is more available than the horror, but only by a slight margin and it constantly hits the mark. Even if you are not familiar with the horror genre the tone of all films like The Ring, Drag me to Hell, Nightmare on Elm Street and Piranha 3D(D) to name a few makes Cabin in the Woods endearing even now. This film is timeless because others just don’t seem to break the mould and remain formulaic, making Cabin in the Woods still relevant and funny as it was when it came out.

The DVD is your usual 1-disc affair, though the Blu-Ray supposedly boasts an audio commentary by Joss Whedon (Producer/co-writer) and Drew Goddard (Director/co-writer) – both of whom are fans of the horror genre, hence their aim to ‘shake things up’ with this film. Cabin in the woods is definitely an entertaining flick and will have your heart pumping and your entire body laughing, but if it is pure horror and thrill you are seeking you can leave this.

Sunny Ramgolam.

Cabin in the Woods is released on DVD in the UK today.