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DVD Review: Grave Encounters 2

February 4, 2013

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia


Released in 2011, Grave Encounters opened at the Tribeca Film Festival to good reviews and has since gained a cult following. You may not have heard of it, admittedly I hadn’t heard of it but after being sent a copy of its sequel, Grave Encounters 2, I was prepared to be open-minded and felt more than a little intrigued.

The first Grave Encounters is filmed in the ever popular found footage format and depicts the crew of famous TV show, ‘Grave Encounters’ locking themselves away in a derelict Australian psychiatric hospital to film (though they are unaware of this) their last ever episode. Subsequently, very strange and very frightening things occur and nobody makes it out alive. Its sequel follows on from this, only now we follow a group of students who are looking to film the perfect horror movie. They, as well as the vast majority of people who watched ‘Grave Encounters’’ last ever episode are convinced that what they witnessed was a hoax and everybody involved was, in fact an actor. Grave Encounters 2’s Protagonist Alex, receives a bizarre video from blogger, ‘DeathAwaits666’ (this film is heavy on the social networking) showing ‘Grave Encounters’’ presenter, Sean Rogerson indeed alive and locked away inside the psychiatric hospital. Despite being heavily dubious, Alex and his friends agree to meet the blogger at the hospital to film their very own scary movie. What they find there is, quite frankly, a nightmare and beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

It’s easy to dismiss this film, mostly because of its somewhat corny name and also because a lot of people haven’t heard of its predecessor. However, I personally was very pleasantly surprised and think it is most definitely worth a try. From the outset, Grave Encounters 2 is very easy to watch and where a lot of films shot in this way fail, this does not and actually, it makes it all the more terrifying. This especially when the camera view is narrowed down to a speck and you just know something large and lumbering is going to jump out and murder one of the doomed teens. The acting is spot on and the scares, once the film gets going, come thick and fast, there are also two quite brilliant moments involving an extremely frightening looking creature climbing out of a vent and another which sees the teens think they have escaped when in actual fact things have just gotten a lot worse.

On a very minor negative note, there is a point at the end which I found a tad unrealistic and, contrasting to what I have previously stated, this is made even more evident in the found footage format. Grave Encounters 2 is also, at times quite formulaic and predictable as a lot of horror films are but on the whole, a very enjoyable watch and I cannot recommend it enough. Just make sure you haven’t lost your fingers to frost-bite because you’ll be needing them to hide behind. Enjoy!

Samuel Sims.

Grave Encounters 2 is released on DVD, Monday 4th February 2013.