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DVD review: Love Crime

April 22, 2013

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia


Kristin Scott Thomas isn’t a superstar. She isn’t known as a member of the Hollywood big league or as material for the gossip mags but what Kristin Scott Thomas is, is a wise and thorough actress who obviously loves her craft. Starring in a range of films from 1994’s hugely successful Four Weddings and a Funeral, The English Patient (which garnered her first and thus far only Oscar nomination) to I’ve Loved You So Long, all of which have illustrated a strong versatility whilst also showing that she doesn’t need to be in seven blockbusters a year, instead relying on solid and deeply emotional performances. Scott Thomas has also featured in a number of French films, one of which is Love Crime, a very clever and suspense laden thriller from Director Alain Corneau and also starring the equally talented and hugely successful French actress, Ludivine Sagnier.

Love Crime tells the story of Christine (Scott Thomas), a ruthless executive who enjoys nothing more than manipulating her seemingly naïve assistant Isabelle (Sagnier). She steals her ideas and passes them off as her own as well as using her own sexuality and power to control her young protégé. As Christine’s actions become crueller and gain more momentum, Isabelle starts to lose the plot, leading to a disastrous change of events.


Officially selected for both the Toronto International and LA Film Festivals, Love Crime is great for fans of modern film-noir and stories that really drive viewers to think. There’s a lot of tension during the first half until Isabelle finally snaps, and then a series of events which will no doubt have you shouting at the screen in frustration, waiting for a twist that does eventually happen. The performances from Scott Thomas and Sagnier are brilliant and especially from the latter who is essentially the main protagonist of Love Crime. She plays Isabelle with a perfect mix of innocence and cunning and ultimately a terrifyingly bright young woman. There’s not too much that can be said about the story without giving the entire plot away but if you’re a fan of French cinema in general and like to play the detective then check this little gem out.

Samuel Sims.

Love Crime is released on DVD today.