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Early May Bank Holiday Drinks

May 1, 2015

EventsFood & DrinkLifestyle | by Vicky Ilankovan

As the Early May Bank holiday draws ever closer and we tentatively check a multitude of weather forecast, praying for the most optimistic amongst them to be true, our minds turn to what we are going to be doing with our extra day of freedom. Whether it’s jetting off to warmer climes for a snippet of release, organising BBQs with friends and loved ones, or staying in for a well-deserved veg-out on the sofa, almost all of us will be treating ourselves to a tipple or two.

Instead of reaching for the usual Corona, we at Candid have a few more interesting, and definitely summer-inspired beverages that are making waves in the alcohol kingdom and that you should become familiar with.


_MG_3518 copyRegal Rogue

A vermouth like no other! Regal Rogue is a lighter, brighter and more contemporary twist on that dusty old relic most of us tend to consider vermouth to be.

This fantastic brand marries boutique New World wines with a mind-boggling array of native Australian and International spices, to create the Aromatic White and Bold Red which work beautifully over ice or in a cocktail or the hometender’s invention. The White is citrus and floral whilst the red lives up to its name as a strongly spiced and exuberant character.

The brand in its entirety screams debonaire mischief and will have you quaffing away all day long.

Find out more about the brand and its story here in our interview with founder, Mark “Lordy” Ward.

Blind Pig Cider 42Blind Pig

We at Candid must admit that we turned our noses up slightly when we were first pitched this as a flavoured cider. Drinks of this ilk are so often overly sweet and artificial-tasting, making one feel like they’re sipping on a melted popsicle as opposed to a scrummy alcoholic beverage. However, we must bow our heads in reverence and apology when it comes to Blind Pig. This is a true craft cider whose blends have been carefully curated to incite the tastebuds and dispel the cynic.

Even if you are not usually a cider fan, we recommend that you try these unique flavours of Bourbon and Blueberry, Whiskey, Honey and Apple, and Rum and Poached Pear.

These wonderful cider boffs have also launched an art collective which is just another reason why they should be on your radar.

The Bright 'n Breezy, Chilgrove Gin

For those of you who have already been wise enough to pick up Issue 10 of Candid, you will have read about the new trend of sipping gins. This is one to include in that category.

The painstaking distillation process, pure water and unique bouquet of botanicals in this English Dry Gin, make Chilgrove a full mouthfeel spirit with fantastic legs and a freshness that most gins fail to deliver. The purity of the base means that it works phenomenally well in a variety of cocktails and will truly brighten up your Bank Holiday.


With so many wonderful new choices on the market, there is no excuse for not sampling something a bit different this Bank Holiday. Drink responsibly and enjoy yourselves!


Vicky Ilankovan ­– Lifestyle Editor