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August 25, 2013

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia


I’m sad summer’s almost over. I love summer. How couldn’t I? I’m Sicilian born and raised and I’ve spent five years of my recent life in California. What I’m most certainly not sad about though is the end of the cinematic summer season given the utterly disappointing turn out of this year’s blockbuster fare. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even care for that kind of cinema and yet I could only be happy if Hollywood studios made the slightest effort to conjure up pieces of nerd-aimed entertainment that were able to achieve more than just the mere spectacle level.

That’s why I’d like to address your attention towards a little film that could but sadly won’t, due to its extremely limited distribution range. I’m quite sure you’re all aware that Elysium and We’re The Millers have been released this weekend. And most of you are probably still wondering if it’s worth wasting your time and money on Kick Ass 2. Well, the answer is: you’ve got better films to watch! And the one you should absolutely catch this bank holiday weekend is called The Kings Of Summer and it’s playing in London exclusively at the Prince Charles Cinema and at the Curzon Renoir.

I had the pleasure and privilege of attending an early screening of The Kings Of Summer on behalf of Candid back in April as part of Sundance London. The outstanding indie dramedy premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January with much critical buzz and then found a decent limited theatrical release in the US in June. And yet it’s quite disheartening that it finally reaches our shores across the pond with such a ridiculously restricted exposure that even in London sums up to a grand total of only two screens. Clearly the lack of major stars and high concept comedic set pieces a la The Heat or We’re The Millers plus a limited audience rating thanks to the silly rating system’s rules haven’t helped. But here’s to hope that cinemagoers, hungry for something that aims beyond mass consuming, will discover this flick with a little help.


The Kings Of Summer is a hilarious and moving coming-of-age tale about how a powerful and important bond friendship is and how it affects us and defines us as we grow up and struggle to figure ourselves out. It’s the feature film debut for both writer Chris Galletta and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, two names you want to remember since there’s no doubt you’ll hear them again soon. This first-time cinematic effort is a fresh and original take on the rebellious vigour of teenage-hood and tells the story of three friends who flee their homes to get away from overbearing parents. The woods become their refuge where they build a makeshift house and live according to their own rules, easily making the summer into their most memorable one ever.

My full review for Candid during Sundance London can be found here: http://tiny.cc/mrhd2w

Information on show times at the two London screens is below:

Prince Charles Cinema: http://tiny.cc/bthd2w

Curzon Renoir: http://tiny.cc/euhd2w

And finally, if you need more convincing, here’s the Red Band Trailer: http://tiny.cc/ugkd2w

I’m sure all of you who are as passionate about cinema as I am and enjoy seeing great films on the silver screen won’t be disappointed. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has crafted a rare gem of cinematic beauty where entertainment and art collide in an adventurous comedy shot with Malickian-inspired lyricism. It’s raining outside this weekend but you can enter a cinema and lose yourself in the summer and in your youth all over again. It’s called the magic of film!

Francesco Cerniglia – Junior Film Editor