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Experience A Yuletide Feast With A Difference At Mango Tree, London

November 26, 2017

Restaurants & Bars | by Baldwin Ho

Being tasked with organising your office Christmas party can be a taxing affair, as you fight for the best venues and finding a menu that caters to all tastes at the right price. Mango Tree in Belgravia might have come up with a 10 courses sharing plates menu that will tick most of the boxes for the experienced event planner.

Mango Tree Candid Magazine

It is centrally located in town close to many high-end corporate offices in Belgravia and has long been known as a Thai institution for numerous years and frequented by the likes of J.K. Rowling. It’s my second time visiting Mango Tree and the decor is showing signs of dating with retro-looking sofa seating and a somewhat bear looking white wall at the far end.

Mango Tree Candid Magazine

The starters were well-balanced with the highlights being the incredibly plump, king prawns which were well seasoned with chilli and lime truffle sauce and a welcome nod to Christmas with honey glazed puff filled with roasted turkey. One thing you might notice is gone are the days when the turkey meat is chewy and inedible, frequently they are moist and tender nowadays and this was very much the case with the turkey dishes at Mango Tree.

Mango Tree Candid Magazine

In fact, my favourite dish of the night was their roast turkey which had been flavoured with authentic Thai spices and topped with a homemade mixed berry sauce. It may not be very traditional, but you will struggle to find a more flavoursome piece of turkey meat on your dining table this Christmas season.

Mango Tree Candid Magazine

Other dishes were more classic Thai affairs, which will no doubt be bringing joy to ravenous diners this festive season. Stir-fried prawns with garlic and black pepper are one to look out for, simply because of the well-sourced nature of their prawns along with the festive essential of brussel sprouts.

Mango Tree Candid Magazine

Their red curry salmon fillet was unsurprisingly less spicy due to the calming effect of the coconut milk compared to their tossed green mango salad which was soaked in a strong lime and chilli dressing.

What was marginally less successful was the dessert, which was mixed berries pannacotta with chocolate brownies and custard. The dessert had a far too dense consistency and you suspect they should have stuck with something their chefs are more familiar with like their honey mango with sticky rice dessert.

Mango Tree Candid Magazine

However, at £44.50 for 10 courses, you suspect event planners will be clamouring for this offering for the upcoming festive period.

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