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Falmouth Fashion Photography Comes To Soho: Picture24

May 24, 2014

By Rae Marie Payne

Picture24, an exhibit curated by the graduates of BA(Hons) Fashion Photography students from Falmouth University. Showcasing commercial fashion photography to the more artistic, you are able to delve through the portfolios and admire a full degree’s worth of work here. With over two floors be prepared to view a large amount of work as there are (as the exhibit title suggests) 24 students in total.


Interactive zine room by Scott W Mason

The space itself includes a large room of hung work but also a cinema room with 8 films and two smaller installation rooms. One of these by Scott W Mason includes an interactive wall in which you can modify the work and take away a zine to complete at home a real playful aesthetic that gives the viewer an opportunity to interact with the work they are being presented with. Another room of installation is by Harry J Bartlett, wallpapered with selfies of the artist and complete with a toilet, kitsch and humorous to say the least.


Installation by Harry J Bartlett
Backstage at J.W. Anderson by Nicole M Gomes
By Patrick Hope


There are truly some astonishing pieces of work here from graduates including signed models with memorable faces, styled images that really impress and intriguing backstage photographs with big designers such as J.W. Anderson. As the next generation entering the fashion industry it is clear to see the amount of digital media being used in the bodies of work, as you will see with the large amounts of manipulation to create fragmented images, changed perspective on imagery and the use of video.


The exhibition itself runs until the 27th May 2014 at Centrepoint, 55 Dean Street, London, W1D 6AF


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By Danny Keeling, Editor-in-Chief