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‘Fantasy’ – The latest collection from Joshua Kane

September 22, 2017

Fashion | by Wayne Noir

Joshua Kane just oozes style and elegance in abundance, creating designs that reach new heights of outstanding theatrical imagination, where fashion meets history and catapults romantic eras, such as the 1920s, into the 21st century. Indeed, his life is a rich tapestry in itself; from being a semi-professional footballer to becoming one of the most unique and talked-about designers of our generation, Oxford-born designer Joshua Kane is a true English gentleman, and the king of bespoke tailoring returns with his latest collection Fantasy at the London Palladium during London Fashion Week for spring/summer 2018. This would be Joshua Kane’s second time opening his show to the public at the London Palladium; his autumn/winter 2017/18 collection was viewed by an audience of press, VIP’s, friends and family and loyal fans back in February.

Candid Magazine Joshua Kane SS18

During the weeks of anticipation leading up to his immersive Fantasy catwalk production, we were teased by the screening of three short CGI fantasy-adventure films starring Asa Butterfield and Joshua Kane, directed by Joshua himself. The short films brought to life the London designer’s signature ‘Three Tailors’ motif in a story of three fictitious, turn-of-the-century gentlemen whose deeds were synonymous with craft, travel, and adventure. The films lend a narrative to his luxury, trans-seasonal collection designed and made in Britain from sketch to stitch in his flagship store, downstairs in his studio on Great Portland Street.

This collection named Fantasy focuses on his impeccably-cut suiting that without doubt has become his brand. From black-on-black silk to an injection of colours including pinks and reds adding a romantic touch to the collection, a lively rainbow of pastel colours including cornflower blue offset by key pieces in cliff grey and ebony made up the colour palette.

Candid Magazine Joshua Kane SS18


Candid Magazine Joshua Kane SS18

After the Fantasy films were screened, we were greeted by gatekeepers that unveiled what was about to come out on the catwalk. As each model walked through the Palladium, we saw not only Joshua Kane’s tailoring collection, but also his accessory collection from ties, printed shirts, silk woven jacquards and handkerchiefs. His Cruise skateboard collection (carried by Candid favourite George Hard, who can be found in the current Luxury Issue) and new pink loafers also made appearances. His first range of ladies handbags were showcased as well, which is making me excited for his impending man bag collection and how it will carry his signature style.

Candid Magazine Joshua Kane SS18

Candid Magazine Joshua Kane SS18

Patterned tailoring was lifted with golden accents of flora, hooded cloaks and scarlet wool was used on military-style outerwear ­– from the same mill as that used for the uniforms of the Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace.

After the last model returned backstage, there was a performance of three sword fighters, which showed the durability and flexibility of Joshua Kane’s work. The performance added to the theatre of the show, followed by a round of applause as each model walked the runway for the finale.

This is my favourite collection yet and I’m looking forward to seeing what the ‘people’s designer’ brings in the future.

View backstage images from Joshua Kane here.

All photographs by Rowben Lantion for Candid Magazine.

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