Jay – Photographed by Valheria Rocha

Jay is an exclusive fashion editorial, shot by Valheria Rocha.

August 17, 2018 | Online Editorial

Gola Continues Proud Tradition Of Logomania

Logomania just doesn’t have any end in sight.

August 17, 2018 | Fashion

Armor-Lux x Mr Porter – Vive La France

One of France’s most sought-after brand’s Armor-Lux has teamed up with the global online retail destination for men’s style, Mr Porter as part of their special collection, Vive La France.

August 16, 2018 | Fashion

A Guide To Sneaker Heaven – Presentedby

By now you know our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, is an absolute sneakerhead and rarely leaves his flat without a pair of kicks.

August 14, 2018 | Fashion

Nanamica Makes Commuting Vivid And Vibrant

Although it’s been an ever-so-hot summer, the autumnal London weather is closing in on us whether we are ready for it or not.

August 13, 2018 | Fashion

Solaris – Photographed by Liliya Bondarenko

Solaris is an exclusive fashion editorial, shot in Moscow for Candid Magazine by Liliya Bondarenko.

August 3, 2018 | FashionOnline Editorial

Russell Athletic Goes To College For AW18

Researching as far back as the ’40s and ’50s, Russell Athletic explores its ‘Ivy League’ heritage – focusing on the social rivalry between the jocks and the nerds.

July 30, 2018 | Fashion

Woolrich Outdoor: Humanity meets Mother Nature

For Spring/Summer 2019 Woolrich Outdoor was introduced at Pitti Immagine Uomo 94.

July 29, 2018 | Fashion

Into the Blue – Exclusive Fashion Editorial by Patrick Lacsina

Into the Blue is an exclusive fashion editorial, shot for Candid Magazine by Patric Lacsina.

July 24, 2018 | FashionOnline Editorial

Le Fix SS18 – Happy Nothing

With its roots in Copenhagen, Le Fix is a trippy brand that seems to be on acid most of the time.

July 13, 2018 | Fashion

Homme d’été – Exclusive Fashion Editorial by Marc De Vinci

Homme d’été is an exclusive fashion editorial for Candid Magazine.

July 12, 2018 | Online Editorial

Oscar Jacobson AW18 – A New Movement

For autumn 2018, Oscar Jacobson brings together English bovver boy chic and the Scottish Highlands, which forms a collection of subtle elegance combined with a leisurely streetwear kind of vibe.

July 11, 2018 | Fashion

Okuh Studios Race To Space

Melbourne-bred expat brand, Okuh Studios, known among other things for their 90s-inspired collab with Topman last year, returns with a spring/summer 2018 collection which still keeps us in the fave decade of the millennials, but hops a beat with a nod to the 00s as well.

July 11, 2018 | Fashion

Band Of Outsiders x Stutterheim Collab Is Fire On Ice

Swedish premium rain and outerwear company Stutterheim Raincoats collaborates with London-based menswear brand Band Of Outsiders.

July 9, 2018 | Fashion

Esprit AW18 Is Breaking Conventions

With Pride month in fresh memory and London Pride just having finished, there have been a lot of companies cashing in on Pride collections, but then there are companies who always speak their mind about equality, human rights and universal love.

July 9, 2018 | Fashion

ICAROS – Exclusive Fashion Editorial By Patrik Linden

ICAROS is an exclusive fashion editorial, shot for Candid Magazine by Patrik Linden.

June 29, 2018 | FashionOnline Editorial

Retro? – Go, FIDO? – Go, Guidance? – Go, Raeburn? Gooooo

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard takes us through the spring/summer 2019 collection from London Fashion Week Men’s stalwart, Christopher Raeburn.

June 28, 2018 | Fashion

Barking Irons SS18

Barking Irons returns for summer 2018 with fresh graphics lampooning everything from cultural appropriation and brand parody to authenticity in the new millennium.

June 23, 2018 | Fashion

Phoebe English SS19 – A Manifesto For The Modern Man

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard reviews the menswear from the Phoebe English SS19 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s.

June 22, 2018 | Fashion

On My Block – Exclusive fashion editorial by Patrick Lacsina

On My Block is an exclusive fashion editorial, shot by Patrick Lacsina for Candid Magazine.

June 21, 2018 | FashionOnline Editorial

Ka Wa Key SS19 – Shouting Softly

Ross Pollard, Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, reviews Ka Wa Key SS19 from London Fashion Week Men’s.

June 19, 2018 | Fashion