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Feya – Eclectic Pastries, Pastel Colours and Soothing Floral Displays

August 31, 2018

LifestyleRestaurants & Bars | by Baldwin Ho

A visit to Feya cafe in Marylebone will prove that the classic English language-idiom ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ to be alive and well.

Feya, along with the likes of Peggy Porschen has taken the Instagram world by storm with their simple formula of offering beautifully-crafted, eclectic pastries and sweets along with a venue overflowing with pastel colours and soothing floral displays. In case you haven’t noticed, many restaurants have followed suit since such as The Ivy and Black Roe.

Feya Candid Magazine

It might seem like a basic pâtisserie, bakery, and cafe, but the talent behind the menu is considerable with the likes of Chef Zahra Khan, who trained at Gordon Ramsay’s Tante Marie Culinary Academy, looking after the main menu. Her thoughtfulness is apparent from the smallest details like their specialty lattes that contain superfoods like aqua algae, ruby beetroot, emerald Matcha and gold turmeric.

Feya Candid Magazine

We enjoyed our doses of vitamins and superfoods from the Mermaid Smoothie which contained amongst many ingredients, blue spirulina, and collagen. Will we have lips like Angelina Jolie if we visited more often, we wondered? We actually found the simpler items more satisfying like the Lychee Rose Cooler, which was thirst-quenching and not overly sweet.

Feya Candid Magazine

In terms of food, we ordered the undeniably fresh smoked salmon served on crunchy sourdough bread with a thin layer of crème fraiche. My guest went for the classic coronation chicken which was unusually presented inside a croissant. A case of entente cordiale before actual Brexit begins? The curried almonds and mango chutney added texture and a burst of flavours to the proceedings. Although both dishes came served with an unkempt forest of rocket, which wasn’t very Instagram-friendly.

Feya Candid Magazine

The star attraction here is their sweet items; head to the counter and you will see a rainbow of glossy greens, reds, and oranges. I opted for a sumptuously smooth mango mousse cake; it was the type that you think is too pretty to eat but once devoured you would readily order another two. My guest ordered a less-visually-extravagant carrot cake, which was nevertheless well executed: moist with a thin layer of icing on top, exactly what you would want.

Feya Candid Magazine

When heading to Feya, be prepared to queue, expect lots of selfies and flashes as if you were on a red carpet and you might be rewarded royally for your patience.

Find out more on the Feya website.

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