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Finlay & Co. x Whisky = Sunglasses

March 6, 2016

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

Glenmorangie and Finlay & Co

British sunglasses brand Finlay & Co. has created a world first in sunglass design with the first pairs ever being crafted from Scotch whisky casks. The limited range, available to buy online, has been presented in partnership with Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky to celebrate the best of British workmanship in separate industries coming together.

The Glenmorangie Originals collection, comprising of 1843 individually marked pairs (1843 being the year the Glenmorangie Distillery was founded) are based on Finlay & Co.’s distinct and popular Ledbury silhouette that the brand has pioneered since their inception in 2012. Each pair is handmade in the United Kingdom, undergoing a precise, sixteen step manufacturing process, all done by hand, in which the casks are deconstructed, refined, layered and reformed to create the lightweight yet strong sunglasses; which provide both UVA and UVB protection with spring-hinged sides.

Finlay and Co

The sunglasses reinvent the American white oak casks that are used twice to age the Glenmorangie Original for ten years. Finlay & Co. uses the uniquely aged wood and retains its natural and particular grain to give the sunglasses a distinct pattern and character. It’s the first time Finlay & Co. has used oak and each pair is completely different due to the pattern of the grain.

The partnership goes to show how the two brands both utilise wood in their handcrafted processes to become leaders in their industries, and how the combination of both worlds can create something completely individual for the modern man. The sunglasses can be made even more personal by engraving within the bespoke process.

Glenmorangie and Finlay & Co - In-The-Making Shot 8
Finlay & Co

To celebrate the release, Glenmorangie’s Soho shop on Bateman Street will be serving whiskey-based cocktails at their Beyond the Cask pop-up until March 12th.

Words by Andre Bogues