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First Look: Benny & Jolene – In Cinemas June 6th

May 29, 2014

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia

Jolene Graded (1-11-40-23) If you feel the need to find some solace from the overwhelming presence of this summer’s mainstream Hollywood blockbuster plethora, we have a first look at a film that might give you that nice break from overly CGI’d action with its hilarious humour and irresistibly warm heart.

I’m talking about British indie comedy Benny & Jolene, written and directed by Jamie Adams and starring the fantabulous Craig Roberts (Submarine) and Charlotte Richie (Fresh Meat) in the title roles, coming out in UK cinemas next week, on Friday June 6th.

It’s the extremely funny story of two high school friends turned folk duo who embark on a grotesquely entertaining journey in order to break into the mainstream music scene, despite being surrounded by an incompetent entourage, and realizing along the way that maybe there’s more to their relationship than just a friendship.

Filmed in a mockumentary style that follows this nerdy-cute couple up close and personal during their promotional tour, Benny & Jolene will definitely tickle your palate for some witty laughs and young love. This clip we’re hosting gives you a quick taste of the film’s idiosyncratic humour, finding Benny & Jolene awkwardly forced to sign a copy of their album to their own manager when fans are a no show at a small record shop signing event.

I had the privilege of catching an early screening of this little cinematic gem back in December and now I’m extremely excited that it’s finally getting released. My full review will appear on Candid’s film page next week, a day or two before release on Friday, so stay tuned! Meanwhile I’ll leave you with a teasing quote from my review: “The whole cast is perfect with Craig Roberts and Charlotte Ritchie winning the gold for their effortless authenticity and naturalism at portraying the most awkwardly adorable young romance I’ve seen in quite a while.”

Benny & Jolene is out in UK cinemas on Friday June 6th

Francesco Cerniglia – Film Editor